CTVU is a certification series to help prepare advertisers, trade desks, and media buyers for the ever-changing Advanced TV space. Our curriculum covers of-the moment Connected TV and OTT research, trends, and behaviors.
Attendees learn buying strategies, optimization, and measurement techniques. We come to you--armed with information and snacks--and get you ready for the future in one hour.
Covers global and generational CTV usage trends, behavior patterns and attitudes, and was grounded in proprietary global CTV research.
Examines the mechanics and workings of the CTV ecosystem with the aim of advancing an understanding of how to best transact in this environment.
We train you on all available opportunities, including campaign-level effectiveness, attribution,
and validation.
CTVU 101
CTVU 201
CTVU 301
From Upstream
to Mainstream

From Start
to Success

Delivering Success:
Getting Real About
CTV Measurement

Become a certified, expert CTV buyer today!
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