Full Episode Player  
Devices: Desktop, Mobile/Tablet In-App 
Description: FEP supply on premium publishers such as A&E, BBC, DramaFever, and Crunchyroll 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-FEP-ALL-20170728-000000 
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Premium Connected TV  
Device: Connected TV (examples: Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung SmartTV) 
Description: Leverage full-screen advertising on CTV across premium publishers like TubiTV, Scripps Networks, Bloomberg, A&E, Pluto.TV, YoungHollywood, Xumo and more! 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Premium-CTV-20170728-000000 
IAB Viewability 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: ~70% Viewability per IAB metrics 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-View-20170728-000000 
Completion Rate  
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Tap into supply that yields high video completion rate per Telaria metrics, this package averages around 70% VCR 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Comp-20170728-000000 
Click Through Rate 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Have a campaign that needs high video click through rate? Select this package which sees above 0.6% CTR 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-CTR-20170728-000000 
Group M Viewability 
Devices: Desktop  
Description: Yield high viewability per Group M Viewability standards, above ~60% 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-GroupM-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop  
Description: Yield high viewability per MOAT AVOC (Audible Viewable On Complete) Viewability measurement, above ~50%  
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-MOAT-AVOC-20170728-000000  
IAS Viewability 
Devices: Desktop 
Description: Yield high viewability per IAS IAB Viewability measurement, above ~50%  
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-IAS-20170728-000000 
DoubleVerify Viewability 
Devices: Desktop  
Description: Yield high viewability per DoubleVerify IAB Viewability measurement, above ~40%  
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-DoubleVerify-20170728-000000 
Scalable Mobile In-App 
Devices: Mobile & Tablet In-App 
Description: Take advantage of Mobile In-App supply across Weathernation, Unity, Gameloft, Bloomberg, TubiTV, BBC, and King 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Mobile-RON-20170728-000000 
Large Player Size 
Device: Desktop  
Premium Desktop inventory of 400+ Pixel Player Size across supply on Bonnier, A&E, Billboard, and USA Today Sports 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Large-Player-20170728-000000 
LDA Compliant 
Device: Desktop  
Premium Desktop inventory that adheres to the Legal Drinking Age Compliancy policy of 71.6% of audiences are reasonably expected 21+ (validated by ComScore reporting or Publisher insight) 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-LDA-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Contextually target based on relevant entertainment publishers such as Billboard, YoungHollywood, A&E and DramaFever 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Ent-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Contextually target based on relevant news publishers such as Bloomberg, CNN and USA Today Sports
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-News-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Contextually target based on relevant tech domains 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Tech-20170728-000000 
Luxury Auto 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Contextually target based on relevant luxury auto intenders per ComScore reporting such as Bonnier and USA Today Sports 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Auto-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Contextually target based on relevant sports publishers such as USA Today Sports 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Sports-20170728-000000 
Mobile Moms 
Devices: Mobile & Tablet In-App 
Description: Leverage mobile in-app supply geared towards moms using Unity Technologies games and applications 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-MobileMoms-20170728-000000 
Devices: Desktop and MobileWeb 
Description: Interested in outstream? Utilize this package to identify outstream supply on Desktop and MobileWeb with publishers such as Outbrain and Taboola 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-Outstream-20170728-000000 
Vertical Video 
Devices: Mobile & Tablet In-App, and MobileWeb 
Description: Our publisher solutions team has confirmed this supply is locked in screen in the vertical position on mobile devices amongst the publishers included in this package 
Deal ID: IOA-TVMK-VerticalVideo-20170728-000000