Lazy-Faîre Week
The Holiday Finalé of the Year
A Brief History
The most wonderful time of the year? Well...forget about the holidays!
The most wonderful time of the year is actually the week between Christmas and New Year's.

It's that sacred, slightly 'lost in time' week when the holiday pressure is over, and almost 81% of American workers don't have to be back at the office. It means you can throw on your expandable pants, stop counting calories, and fry your eyeballs catching up on all the hottest shows on CTV. During this week, there is no judgement. In fact, our Video Management Platform recorded a 45% increase in streaming video requests - that's 9x higher than on any given Sunday.

If April 4 can be "Hug a Newsman Day," then surely this extra special week deserves to be its own holiday. We at Telaria give you Lazy-Faire Week--your sanctioned week of guilt-free indulgence.
81% of American workers plan to get much deserved R&R
Streaming hours
are up 45%
1 in 3 adults wants
to avoid talking politics with family
Source: Robert Half HR Consulting
Source: Telaria VMP 12/17
Source: Reuters/Ipsos
Embrace your lazy and cut/paste this Out of Office message we wrote for you
Outfit Yourself
There is no shame in wearing an adult onesie. It is, in fact, the unofficial dress code for this guilt-free holiday. We even found one in a flattering blue. Because, you know, fashion.
Sure, you could hit pause, but why wait that long? A friendly reminder to wash your hands before resuming your position on the couch.
Calories, shmalories. Our partners at Saveur created this go-to snack-prep list that is everything we crave this holiday week.
We've taken the guesswork out of streaming so you can maximize the holiday.

An incredible $20 billion was invested in streaming content creation in 2018! Knowing what's available and deciding what to watch could be a full-time job. We've made it easy for you by categorizing the options (and available inventory for you buyers who are "working from home this week") for your viewing pleasure.
Access our Lazy-Faîre Week PMP to connect with CTV binge watchers between Christmas & New Year's Eve
Lazy-Faîre Week CTV PMP
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